Club Penguin Membership Competition


~view the winner here~

Hey Penguins, Dadted here. Its time to get another code and today its a 1 month membership code. However im not just going to post the code here today. Oh no. Im going to do a competition.

To win the 1 month membership all you have to do is comment the most on this blog post.
*Please do not write random comments or use bad language. This could lead to a ban from the competition!*

The closing date is: 9am (Club Penguin Time) on the 2nd May. (view the time here:

The person with the most comments after that time is the winner! Get commenting!


787 thoughts on “Club Penguin Membership Competition

  1. If I would Have the chance to get ANOTHER (I mean second) Membership, I would give it to my Brother. He Rlly wants one, but mum doesnt want to buy one b/c hes only on like once a month. And he ALWAYS spends his money on Weird Sweets he doesn’t like anyway. Its IMPOSSIBLE for him to save up his money…

  2. I really like this cause it’s like the FIRST time a Giveaway like this has ever happened, U know I mean this system, with comments. Its good. So its not random. You actually have to battle (Kinda) to win!

  3. I sooo want that Membership. At the moment this guy called ibointwitter or something like that I think is the biggest threat!!! 168 comments right now!

  4. It would be a VERY happy moment, if I could get the code for the Medieval Party. Medieval Party is always one of my Favourites

  5. Haha if I win, I will hug the First Person I see. Stranger or friend. Male or Female!! xD
    (Must have taken a shower in the last 72 Hours) XDXDXDXD !!!

  6. I really want this code, because there where I live (Germany) the ONLY Club Penguin Toy or COde you can buy is A 1 month membership!! And ONLY at GameStop Deutschland. Everything else I just can’t have or have to buy at They don’t have much either. But I can Buy from (USA) because they only ship thru USA! >:I(

  7. Everybody says, I will win, then they submit three comments and never come back! ;D Azeemsky and Me, we know better!

  8. We ALL want to win sooo badlyl, we write and extra Comment if we reply to somebody. We don’t hit the Reply Button cause we’re afraid it won’t be counted as Comment by Dadted! XD Ain’t tht right, admit it!

  9. Theoretically we can all find out who the winner is before Dadteds Post, just count the Posts. Í’ve found a way to do so without losing track

  10. Hope I win and be a member for the first time. I’ve never been a member since I joined CP in january 2011.

  11. I seriously don’t think, that RH will be there in time for the party. He’s still soo far out on the Ocean!

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