5 Membership Code Giveaway


The giveaway will take place at 11:30AM PST. Good luck.

Code 1: 1155-0889-1718-9850 @Cooldude229 and @BboyJstylesCP won this code.

Code 2: 1140-3960-5451-6670 @iflopper won this code.

Code 3: 1153-6757-9100-8388 @BboyJstylesCP and @MrEinstein4 won this code.

Code 4: 1158-7021-5886-5237 @Cooldude229 and @Csweet12 won this code.

Code 5: 1149-2503-0445-6230 @iRedRed2002 won this code.

You can enter your codes here: https://secure.clubpenguin.com/membership/activate_card.php

Missed out on a code get a free 1-month membership by clicking the banner below:


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