How To Get A Free Club Penguin Membership Right Now!

@Dadted here to tell you how you can get yourself a free membership for club penguin by following these simple steps:


STEP 1: Sign up to to this website: and follow the steps.
STEP 2: Login to PrizeRebel and click “Get Points”
STEP 3: Press “Complete Offers” and follow the instructions when completing them.
STEP 4: When you have enough points go to“Prizes” and find the Club Penguin Membership. With this you can then redeem it on the club penguin site, and play as a membership instantly. Buy clothes, buy igloo items, play membership games and go into member rooms.
STEP 5: Repeat this method and continue to earn Club Penguin Memberships for FREE. You may even want to move on and start getting Xbox Live Points, Wii Points, Games and other FREE Stuff.

So Simple and so so enjoyable once you’ve earned your first membership. Even I do it. At the moment I have 2459 points can you beat that? I bet you can, with the steps show above!



3 thoughts on “How To Get A Free Club Penguin Membership Right Now!

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